Health & Wellbeing...Reconnecting to the joy of Life!

 Mindful living and wellness retreats, therapies, natural weddings and rites of passage ceremonies, retreat venue...

Our Well Being Retreat Centre offers you an oasis of peace and space to experience true mindful living and reconnection with yourself and nature...

* Created to be a "gentling" oasis, The Living Well Centre allows you to unwind and arrive at a place of peace, listen to the birds, enjoy the stars, connect to nature, practice living mindfully and celebrate this precious gift of life.

* Emerging out of a mystical Iron Age Roundhouse settlement...this beautiful land shares with you magical woodland glades, wildlife friendly gardens, an orchard and is nourished by an ancient holy well.

* Surrounded by stunning beaches, breath-taking walks and magnificent ancient sites, in the evocative land of Cornwall.

We warmly invite you to experience...

 * Healing, mindful living and nature retreats in our beautiful Moon LodgeWell House and other accommodation 

* Nourishing treatments, healing and therapies in our "made with love" Healing Heart space

* Natural weddings, rites of passage & special ceremonies - designed for and with you 

* Diverse activities & events 

* Venue, site and treatment rooms - available for private hire 


* Journeying with us as we evolve into a conscious community of people, learning what it is to live in harmony with ourselves, each other and this precious Earth- through healing with, celebrating with and enjoying this gift of life...


For bookings & further info email:

Wellbeing with Cancer Fund 

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